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On April 17th and 18th, join from anywhere in the world to participate online in Java With The Best

a developer-focused conference that will cover the latest and greatest in the Java scene. 

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Hendrik Ebbers

Java Champion

Canoo Engineering AG

Carol McDonald

Solutions Architect

MapR Technologies

Reza Rahman

Sr Manager / Architect


Chris Seaton

Research Manager

Oracle Labs

Rossen Stoyanchev

Spring Framework Committer


Paulo Lopes

Principal Software Engineer


Marcin Grzejszczak

Staff Software Engineer


Adam Bien

JavaONE Rockstar, Java Champion

Bruno Borges

Principal Cloud Dev Advocate


Ola Petersson

Software Consultant


AMahdy Abdelaziz

Developer Advocate


Ujjwal Tyagi

Sr. Software Engineer



Regardless of your experience, this track will challenge your knowledge on the core features of the Java language, syntax and modules. We'll cover various tools from deployment and IDEs, to debugging, testing and monitoring. If you're looking to refine your core Java skills, look no further!

Big data and cloud infrastructures utilize Java as a development and runtime environment. We’ll get concrete with tutorials, experiments and evaluations around frameworks for deployment, clustering, building data lakes and machine learning clusters. NoSQL and graph oriented databases will be featured, along with the implementation of ML algorithms over big data infrastructures round out the track.

Deep dive into popular frameworks and libraries used for building applications such as agile, UI and blockchain frameworks. Learn more about languages related to Java and how they can interoperate with each other. Last but not least, we'll cover transpilers from Java to other languages (JavaScript for example), languages compiling to the JRE, and also Java extensions.

Core Java

Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Deployment with Java

Java Frameworks, Libraries and Languages

Carol McDonald - Introduction to Building a Distributed Machine Learning Pipeline for Real Time Analysis of Uber Data using Apache APIs: Kafka, Spark, and HBase

In this talk we will look at a solution that combines real-time data streams with machine learning to analyze and visualize popular Uber trip locations in New York City. You will see the end-to-end process required to build this application using Apache APIs for Kafka, Spark, and HBase.


Reza Rahman - Java EE 8 and the Open Future of Java EE - What You Need to Know!

Java EE 8 has been the most community opinion driven release in the history of the platform. Java EE 8 solidly enables HTTP/2, Server-Sent Events (SSE), JSON and aligning all parts of the platform with Java SE 8. It includes a much awaited security API overhaul as well as a slew of critical updates to APIs like JSF, JPA, JAX-RS and CDI.

Rossen Stoyanchev - Web Stack Choices in Spring Framework 5

In this talk you'll learn how the Spring Framework team made sense of this present day landscape, about the range of new choices available in Spring Framework 5 and Spring Boot 2 for web applications, and of course how applications can make sense and make decisions for themselves.

Renaud Pawlak - Type-safe Invocations of a JAX-RS API with TypeScript: Application to Data Visualization

In JavaScript applications (Web, Mobile, Node.js), JavaScript clients often need to invoke Java servers through REST Web Services. Testing such invocations to ensure that they are following the API contract and that evolutions will not break the code can be complicated and time consuming. This talk will demonstrate how the clients and the servers can safely interoperate in a typed way, such enabling easier and more robust application development.

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