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April 17th
April 18th

Core Java

Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Deployment

Frameworks, Libraries and Languages

9:00 am EDT
10:00 am EDT
Reza Rahman
Senior Architect, CapTech
Java EE 8 and the Open Future of Java EE - What You Need to Know!
9:40 am EDT
10:40 am EDT
Ganesh Samarthyam
Entrepreneur & Author, CodeOps Technologies
Applied Design Patterns: A Compiler Case Study

Hendrik Ebbers
Java Champion, Canoo Engineerin
Java APIs - the missing manual
Dave Snowdon
Staff Engineer, VMware
Deep learning in java
Ola Petersson
Software Consultant, Squeed
Begin Event Sourcing with Lagom

AMahdy Abdelaziz
Developer Advocate, Vaadin
Vaadin 10: Filling the Gap between Web Standards & Simplified Development
10:20 am EDT
11:20 am EDT
Mattias Jiderhamn
Architect/Dev lead and JavaOne RockStar, Kofax
Join my war on ClassLoader leaks
Guglielmo Iozzia
Big Data Delivery Manager, Optum
How to create a custom origin that supports parallel execution using the Streamsets Data Collector Java SDK.
Bernd Rücker
Developer Advocate, Camunda
3 common pitfalls in microservice integration and how to avoid them
11:00 am EDT
12:00 pm EDT
Martin Toshev
IT Consultant, CoffeeCupConsulting
Java 9 Security Enhancements in practice
Oleh Dokuka
Senior Software Engineer, Backbase
Refactor to Reactive With Spring 5 and Reactor 3

Frans van Buul
Evangelist, AxonIQ
Event-driven microservices with Axon Framework
11:40 am EDT
12:40 pm EDT
Brian Vermeer
Senior Software Engineer, Blue4IT
Ten common mistakes made with Functional Java
Phillip Krenn
Infrastructure Developer Advocate, Elastic
Machine Learning without the Hype
Adam Bien
JavaONE Rockstar, Java Champion
Live-Coding No-Ceremony Microservices
12:20 pm EDT
1:20 pm EDT
Cesar Tran-Lozai
Head of Engineering, Convendia
What the ƒ is a monad?
Alexander Schwartz
Principal IT Consultant, MSG Systems
Start Your Engines: White Box Monitoring for Your Load Tests
1:00 pm EDT
2:00 pm EDT
Carol McDonald
Solutions Architect, MapR
Introduction to Building a Distributed Machine Learning Pipeline for Real Time Analysis of Uber Data using Apache APIs: Kafka, Spark, and HBase
1:40 pm EDT
2:40 pm EDT
Christian Posta
Chief Architect, RedHat
The Next Evolution of Microservices Patterns with Istio Mesh

Renaud Pawklak
R&D Laboratory Manager, Amaris
Type-safe Invocations of a JAX-RS API with TypeScript: Application to Data Visualization
2:20 pm EDT
3:20 pm EDT
Don Denoncourt
Coder, writer, and speaker, Simple Thread
On Getting Old(er) in Tech
Deven Phillips
Senior Consulting Engineer, RedHat
Reactive Microservices With Vert.x & Kubernetes
3:00 pm EDT
4:00 pm EDT
Andreas Grabner
DevOps Activist, Dynatrace
Metrics Driven Continuous Delivery: Building the Unbreakable Pipeline
Rossen Stoyanchev
Spring Framework Committer, Pivotal Inc.
Web Stack Choices in Spring Framework 5
3:40 pm EDT
4:40 pm EDT
4:20 pm EDT
5:20 pm EDT
Brian Benz
Java Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Live demo session: Top ways to deliver Java to the cloud
Jonathon Johnson
Sr. Manager Software Architect, Thermo Fisher Scientific
Java Containers on Kubernetes

Core Java

Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Deployment

Frameworks, Libraries and Languages

9:00 am EDT
10:00 am EDT
Marcin Grzejszczak
Staff Software Engineer, Pivotal
Why Contract Tests Matter?
9:40 am EDT
10:40 am EDT
Nicolas Fränkel
Developer / Architect, Hybris
The Java Security Manager, no fun and no profit, but do you have a choice?
Adám Sándor
Senior Consultant, Container Solutions
What Java developers need to know about Kubernetes

Rudy De Busscher
Java EE Expert and Java Coach, C4J
Secure JAX-RS
10:20 am EDT
11:20 am EDT
Jarosław Pałka
Code Mangler, Allegro
Voyeurs in the JVM land
Kai Waehner
Technology Evangelist, Confluent
KSQL – An Open Source SQL Streaming Engine for Apache Kafka
11:00 am EDT
12:00 pm EDT
Ivar Grimstad
EE4J PMC Lead, Cybercom
MicroProfile - New and Noteworthy
Kamil Szymański
Software Developer
Tech Lead, Pragmatic Coders
11:40 am EDT
12:40 pm EDT
Angelo van der Sijpt
Fellow, Luminis
What Every Developer Needs to Know about Cryptography
Reza Rahman
Senior Architect, CapTech
Java SE 8 for Java EE Developers
Dmitry Alexandrov
Java Champion, T-Systems
Java on the GPU. Where are we now?
12:20 pm EDT
1:20 pm EDT
Richard Abbuhl
Freelance / Sr. Java Developer, ING
Mind the Gap: Java, Machine Learning, and Beyond
Milen Dyankov
Developer Evangelist, Liferay
Fantastic Java contracts - and where to define them?
1:00 pm EDT
2:00 pm EDT
Paulo Lopes
Principal Software Engineer, RedHat
Going full stack (react)ive
1:40 pm EDT
2:40 pm EDT
Bruno Borges
Principal Cloud Devoloper Advocate for Java, Microsoft
A Look Back at Enterprise Integration Patterns and Their Use into Today's Serverless Computing
Nathaniel Schutta
Developer Advocate, Pivotal Inc.
Spring, Functions, Serverless and You

Joep Weijers
Build Master, TOPdesk
Maven Dependency Hell: Is There a Way Out?
2:20 pm EDT
3:20 pm EDT
Ujjwal Tyagi
Senior Software Engineer, Netflix
Signup Service @netflix
Vinicius Vieira Gomes
Software Engineer / Developer, ThoughtWorks
When Microservices Meet Event Sourcing

Alex Theedom
Java EE Consultant
JSON and Java EE Play Nice
3:00 pm EDT
4:00 pm EDT
Chris Seaton
Research Manager, Oracle
Ten Things You Can Do With GraalVM
Vincent Kok
Engineering Manager, Atlassian
Microservices: 5 Things I Wish I'd Known
3:40 pm EDT
4:40 pm EDT
Ruth Yakubu
Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
Cloud Patterns and Practices for Cloud Foundry using Java on Azure
Prem Sankar Gopannan
System Manager / Pr. Architect, Ericsson
Opentracing and Java

Doris Chen
Senior Technology Evangelist, Microsoft
What's New in TypeScript?
4:20 pm EDT
5:20 pm EDT
Miro Cupak
Senior Software Engineer, DNAstack
Exploring Java 9 with REPL
Benjamin Nothdurft
Java Evangelist & Lecturer, JUG Leader & Docker Trainer
Patterns for Cloud Deployments of Java Apps with Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes
Regina Peyfuss
Software Engineer, Decentrix Inc.
Switching from Java to Scala - Tips to Ease the Transition

Otávio Santana
Software Engineer, Tombitribe
JNoSQL: The Definitive Solution for Java and NoSQL Database

Bonus Track: Java Community Talks

April 17th

April 18th

2:20 pm EDT

Patroklos Papapetrou - Thessaloniki Java Group

How to Create and Maintain a Vibrant and Active Tech Community - Lessons Learned

10:20 am EDT

Buddha Jyothiprsad - JUG Hyderabad

Building Alexa Skills with Java on AWS

3:00 pm EDT

Philip Yurchuk - Orange County JUG

Get a Better Developer Job

3:40 pm EDT

Eryx Paredes - Guadalajara JUG

Speaker as a (Community) Service: Why and How to Start this Journey

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